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Because this covid19 does not allow exchanging of traditional cards or handshaking, it is the best option to access the web cards online. Having a web card in your phone is the safest way to experience the unique features.

Easy Shareable

You may share the Web card with anybody, anywhere, including social media platforms, and they don't need the app on their phones to do so.

Sell Anything Anywhere

It enables you to sell your products in a vast digital marketplace where every second person engages in online shopping.

Digital Business Card Features

Have a glace at our Interactive Digital Card Features.

Carda Contact App

Carda Sharing App. Manage & Export all your contacts from Carda App.

Click to Call

Your consumers will be able to contact you by just pressing on your phone number on Web Carda.

Click To WhatsApp

Without even preserving your phone number, your prospects can whatsapp you!

Click to Email

Your consumer will be able to send you an email with just one click.


Add to Contacts

All of your contact information might be saved in a person's phone address book.

Click to Navigate

People can use Digital Web Card to navigate to your store using Google Maps.

Website & Social Links

Customers can use Digital Web Carda to visit websites and social media sites.

Add Custom Link

Custom Links can be added to Contact Forms, Payment Buttons, and other areas.

Checkout all Interactive Digital Business Card Features

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Why Digital Web Card?

Digitally inspire your client.

Skip about old-fashioned printed visitor cards, which usually end up in the trash. You may build and share your contact information with our Web Business Card, which includes Actionable One-Click options such as Call, Email, Whatsapp, Map, Bank Details, Website Link, Social Links, Maps, and more.

  • Your card is now in your client's phone at all times..
  • After less than a week, 88 percent of printed business cards are discarded.
  • Because Digital web cards are paperless by nature, no trees or ink are wasted.
  • For Business: Digital Identity
  • Save trees and help the environment at the same time.

At its best, mobility

The quickest way to reach your customers is via their mobile phones. Use our share options to spread the word about your business by sharing your Web Business card with your clients and friends.

Give your card to anyone you want.

Through Whatsapp, you may easily share your digital card with anyone you mee.

How it Works?


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Save to your Device

Digital Carda is accessible anytime from anywhere


Share with friends and colleagues

through a variety of channels

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Have a glace at our Interactive Digital Carda Features.


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